Property Ownership


In Malaysia, There are basically 5 types of property ownership titles issued by the government. Buyer is advised to enquire and obtain full details of the property ownership title from developer or seller before making any commitment.



Freehold property belongs to the owner perpetuity. Normally, transfer of interest in the property can proceed without any restrictions or approvals from the government.



Land leased by the government for a specific term, most commonly in the duration of 33 years or 99 years. The land will automatically return to the State Authority upon the expiration of the leasehold term. Transfer of interest to another party may require state authority approval.



Article 89 of the Malaysian Constitution states that a person of the Malay ethnicity may own land or possess an interest in a Malay Reservation Area. A Malay Holding includes any alienated land within a Malay Reservation Area which has been duly declared and gazetted as a registered interest of a Malay citizen, a proprietor or co-proprietor. Once land is gazetted as a Malay Reservation Area, it can only be sold, leased or otherwise disposed of only to Malay individuals or corporations.


LANDED Property

Issued for properties built on individual plots of land that is sub-divided horizontally.


STRATA Property

A form of ownership commonly found within residential and commercial multi-storey buildings, as well as landed properties within a gated community. Strata title properties comprise individual lots owned by individual owners and common property which is defined as everything else on the parcel of land such as the common stairwell, driveways, roof, swimming pool, gymnasium, security guardhouse and et cetera.


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