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Around year 2003, a pack of “Nasi Lemak” (fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and “pandan” leaf) cost around RM1 and the portion is quite satisfying (depends on location).  After 10 years, we need to pay additional RM1 for the similar “Nasi Lemak” that we enjoyed 10 years ago. With the stated description, is our “Nasi Lemak” getting more expensive or is our RM1 receiving less value? 

With the future economy growth, it is very difficult or almost impossible for us to enjoy the same quantity and quality RM1 “Nasi Lemak” that we enjoy 10 years ago. Being one of the main economic supporting pillars, real estate industry will remain as one of the best investments to hedge against inflation.

That’s the reason why we created J-PropVes.com.my

J-PropVes.com.my is a real estate property portal owned by J Makers Plt (LLP0000013-LGN) and is managed by a team of professionals, who are highly experience and knowledgeable in the field of property real estates. With years of involvement in real estate industry, they formulated a concept in order to maximize the returns from property investment for J-PropVes members to enjoy. The concept will be the only fundamental in which J-PropVes will be operate and the concept is refer as Property Value Enhancement Solutions (PropVes).

Property Value Enhancement Solutions (PropVes) is a continuous process of value creation, both in tangible and intangible assets for all the members. The concept will involve 5 stages which are identification stage, analytical stage, determination stage, conclusion stage and supporting stage.

By joining J-PropVes as a member, you will have the exclusivity to :- 


  • View unrestrictedly on all property analysis reports;  
  • Access to voting result to gauge property potential in terms of value and marketability;
  • Opportunity to joint invest in potential property to enjoy superb returns;
  • Participation in Property Value Enhancement Services (PropVes);
  • Enjoy supports provided in every stage of your property investment.



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